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Zero Footprint Asp.Net Tiff Viewer

Do you have lots of tiff documents on your web site? Would you like your customers to view them in a browser viewer that matches your web site, rather than Adobe’s Acrobat Reader? Do you need a system that will let you host document management systems for your customers to easily view tiff files online? You have your own client-based content management system and now your users need to be able to quickly view TIFF documents over the web?

The answer to all of the above questions is our Zero Footprint Asp.Net Tiff Viewer

This control will let your users browse and view a collection of whitepapers, product manuals, engineering drawings, books, or medical insurance documents. You can view full page preview plus the thumbnails for each page. Build your own asp.net web-based zero-footprint TIFF Document Viewer using AJAX-Enabled ASP.NET 4.0 controls. Easily customizable tiff viewer to fully meet your requirements and integrate within your existing Asp.NET applications with little development efforts.

Our TIFF viewer is a platform independent thin-client document viewing asp.net server component that supports all modern browsers. Each page within a multi-page document is loaded only when necessary using “Thumbnail On-Demand” technology quickly displaying documents that contain thousands of pages. Only the section of the image that is visible is displayed in the browser. This behavior results in faster display of the document with low or high bandwidth connections.

Standard viewing controls are included for zooming, panning, zoom to area, best-fit, and navigating pages via thumbnails. Markup, redact, stamp, and comment on multi-page documents within the browser with annotations support. Annotations can be stored separately from the image as XML, or burnt/embedded within the image permanently.

Document Management Tiff Viewer

Online document management systems also known as DMS require to view tiff files online or offline. Our unique software can help you view tiff files directly from your application or website with little or no line of code! Whether it be desktop application or asp.net website, just drag and drop the control over your form or aspx page and you are done. You can also add annotation or custom comments, drawing or notes over the tiff pages, such feature is useful in workflow applications also. The price of our control is very reasonable and will surely fit your budget. To get more details about licensing, costs and features please visit our site www.tiff-viewer.net

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