Third Party Tiff Viewer

If your application, project, software requires to view, process or annotate tiff files then our full featured tiff viewer control will surely fit your requirements and budget. Whether it be windows form application or website or silverlight, we have solution for all the three formats when it comes to tiff viewing. Easily integrated in your systems, use it with C# or VB.NET. It is well documented and comes with lots of sample source code to get you started. We provide quick 1 year email support with 24 hours turn around time. You get free updates for life-time. Try our tiff viewer control for .net today, request a download at

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Tiff Annotations

It is now possible to annotate tiff files using our Asp.Net, Winforms and Silverlight tiff viewer control. You can add various shapes and also burn it permanently over the file or save as a separate XML document to be loaded later. The annotation module is available as an add-on for all the three viewers. The questions of “How to annotate tiff files?” is solved now! Using our tiff redaction library is very easy and versatile with lots of features. For more details please visit