Silverlight Tiff Viewer

Silverlight is a promising platform for rich user interface application which serve as connecting link between windows and web applications. As we all know that the tiff file format is not natively supported by silverlight 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 or 5.0. There are many products in market which offer tiff viewing from silverlight applications, but behind the scenes they are communicating with server to get the page as image and then display it in silverlight window. Our product offers native tiff viewing right from the user’s desktop, no server communications or file uploading. This results in faster tiff file viewing and rich user experience, which silverlight is designed to offer you. The viewer is available with thumbnail view and full preview. You can also rotate, zoom the pages. The best part is that the modified file can be saved back on user’s machine itself! In addition, you can also add various annotation shapes from your silverlight, annotating tiff file from silverlight was never this easy. For more details please visit

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